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Amy Allen is a CHA certified instructor. She has a gift when it comes to training horses. Her knowledge, years of horse handling, timing and patience show when you see her working with any horse.

"With all horses, I start on the ground using Horsemanship methods, reading the horse and clearly communicating with the horse, training based on feel. I build a working relationship with patience, communication and trust. If a horse does not understand what you are asking them to do, they can not do what you want them to do.

By developing a relationship with the horse, building trust, and communicate using their language, a true partnership is formed."

Complete training in ground work, dressage basics, english or western, and trails.

For every horse that comes into training, a list of tasks and goals will be customized for your horse. Every horse is an individual, therefore I can not put a time on how long it will take to train your horse, but with a list of tasks and goals, we will have a direction to proceed to try and meet your expectations.

All horses that come in for training must be up to date on shots and dental work.

Full training (5 times a week, 20 rides total)        $500.00 per. month

Boarding for training horses                                    $175.00 per month

Temporary Boarding                                                   $200.00 per month

Lessons                                                                         $40.00 per hour (24 hr cancellation notice required)

All training is at Allen Acres, a small, peaceful facility between Shelton and Olympia.


If you have any questions about putting your horse in training please give me a call at 360.480.5327. Or you can send me an email. 


Belgian draft - join up in the round pen


Cowboy, Tennessee Walker gelding, refresher training



Misty, a miniature horse learning to ground drive.




Wachi - 3 year old spanish mustang stallion. From green to pleasure horse.