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  Natural hoof trim


Tj hoof after


Draft horse hoof before



Draft horse after

This horse with a club foot is completely sound, even on gravel. 


Club foot before





                                                                                                                         Club foot after


                                                                        Alex before


                                                          Alex after

Like many barefoot trimmers, my journey into barefoot trimming started because of my own horse. I own an OTTB, TJ, who had the typical thin cracking walls, could not hold a shoe for over 5 weeks, long toes, low heels...just bad feet. After consulting with my farrier, we tried glue on shoes. After only two sets, one of the shoes broke at the quarters. I was fed up and frustrated because these shoes were very expensive. I made the decision to pull his shoes and since December 2002, he has never worn another pair of shoes.


I began researching the barefoot trim method. I educated myself by attending clinics, reading everything I could find and practicing on my own horses. There is so much that I have learned about barefoot horses. Barefoot trimming is not just about the horse's foot. It's about the body as a whole. I have increased my education to cover hoof anatomy, nutrition, living environment, transition periods and booting just to name a few.


April 2006 I attended a Pete Ramey barefoot clinic in Jacksonville Oregon at ABC Hoof Care in Jacksonville, OR.  I had already been studying Pete's web page and book and attending this clinic was another educational step in my journey.


I started trimming for others in October 2006, but even before touching the horse's hoof I found I needed to educate the client on all aspects of this barefoot trim. Thankfully, barefoot trimming has come so far in the last couple of years, more horse owners are already educated in the method, understanding the many benefits.



Mini           $35.00

Horse        $40.00

Draft         $50.00 


Travel fee many apply depending on your location.