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Amy Allen is an experienced horse trainer/riding instructor in Shelton, WA, who specializes in unbroke and problem horses and working with students who are afraid or have been through a traumatic experience. Amy uses her horses to teach Horsemanship or travels to your location to give you lessons on your horse. She teaches a wide range of ages and levels,  improving their confidence, knowledge, equitation and communication skills with the horse.

Amy's experience began early--at 2 years old, as her mother and sister are avid horsewomen. Over the years, Amy studied a variety of disciplines in riding and training, and she now passes her experience to her students. She took innumerable lessons, worked with expert horsemen and women, and showed saddleseat on beautiful Morgan horses.

Amy was a groom/assistant trainer at Conestoga Run Farm in PA under the direction of Eric Krichten, traveling up and down the east coast doing the Egyptian Arabian show circuit. She has also worked with many different breeds of horses, at various stages of training, as well as unbroke, green, abused and mishandled horses.

Amy's training is based on Horsemanship and follows the training methods of John Lyons, Ray Hunt and Bill Dorrance. Having seen quite a few well known Horsemanship trainers in person, she continues to expand her knowledge and customizes the training for each and every horse she works with.

"One of the best horse training mentors in my life was a wise cowboy by the name of Bill Wall. Not a big name, well known trainer but a gentle cowboy who was once one of those break em' cowboys. He learned the gentle methods of Horsemanship and took me under his wing, teaching me the patient way to work with the horse, teaming up with them and understanding them. Bill is the one who taught me 'wait on the horse', I can still hear him saying it every time those words come out of my mouth.I was not always a patient student, and some lessons were hard learned and frustrating, but it was well worth it".

She also relies on her own basic good horsemanship, where she watches, listens and feels the horse to develop a good partnership. "Feel the horse, feel him give to the pressure and release. It's the reward he is seeking", Amy says, "You will learn and speak the same language and come to a better understanding when you learn the 'feel'."

This is known as Horsemanship, the idea being to communicate with horses in their language and develop trust and understanding, and build confidence while teaching specific tasks and movements. Its a training style that has been done for years, understanding and communicating with horses in the horses own language.

Amy has learned that rushing to get a result often takes longer if the horse is not ready. "Wait on the horse" is a term that you will frequently hear her say, "timing is everything". Once you understand the horse's reason for what he does, you will begin to develop the language needed to communicate what you want to him. Horses are prey animals and will run away when frightened, or if they can't run they will fight. Once they learn to trust you and listen to your body language and cues a partnership is born. Once you have their trust, their mind, understand their thoughts and get those thoughts they become a willing partner, working with you without resistance".


As a life-long student of horses and avid learner, Amy continues to attend clinics, read and study to keep herself on top of her training. She has studied much of the instruction offered by greats such as Sally Swift, Jane Savoie, and Lendon Gray. "People often don't think of horsemanship and dressage together, but by also using dressage techniques, you can greatly improve your riding skills and abilities".

"Patience, timing, communication, skill, common sense, and an open mind are the keys to a good relationship with your horse. There is always something to learn to make you a better rider or trainer. I want your horse experience to be safe, fun and enjoyable."

If Amy's philosophy and approach sound like something you'd like to experience, don't hesitate to call her or send an email. She is always accepting new students and horses for training.