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Lesson Horses


Registered name: Vali TJ

Barn name: TJ

DOB: 1997

16.3 hands high

Dk. Bay registered off the track thoroughbred

I've worked with TJ since he was a four year old, owned him since he was five. He has come a long way over the years and has taught me a great deal. He is a great teacher for all levels of riders and all disciplines.



DOB: 2001 (estimated by horse dentist)

Sorrel with flaxen mane and tail

15 hands high

QH or QH cross.

Bob was a "rescue" from a pasture where he could not be caught. The too tight halter was left on him, thus the scar on his nose. Bob has a very quiet temprament and loves attention (and food). He is mostly used for the western discipline and has very smooth gaits. Students fall in love with Bob and anyone can ride him.

Name: Raven

DOB: 1993
Breed: QH
15.2 hands high
Dark Bay

Raven is new to Allen Acres. She is a nice big mare and very smooth.


Registered name: Alexander Dawson

Barn name: Alex

DOB: 1995

14.2 hands high

Liver chestnut registered morgan

Alex is a well trained little morgan who often likes to show his big attitude, other times he just wants all the love and attention you are willing to give him. He has really smooth gaits and my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Dale Pierson, fixed his old SI joint injury. Alex is used for select lessons, those who have a good start with feel and balance.


Name: Iliad
Barn name: Iliad or Ily
DOB: 1996 (estimated by horse dentist)
Breed: Belgian
17.2 hands high
Chestnut roan w/ Flaxen mane and tail

Iliad is my husbands horse. Since he is a part of the family I had to included him. He is not used for lessons. He originally came from a Yakima feed lot.

Here is a video of my husband Kevin doing some round pen work work Illiad.